Our goal is to be the best partner for entrepreneurs, families, and managers who seek patient capital to build their businesses over the long term.



We think in generations, not years

We have a permanent, patient capital base, and our ideal holding period is forever. We are completely committed to long-term success, and we are willing to sacrifice short-term results in pursuit of long-term goals. 

We are a family company

We appreciate the many challenges faced by founders and family-owned businesses. We always emphasize doing things the right way, never compromise on integrity, and never risk our reputation or that of our companies. 

We share risk and success

We invest only our own capital. We create value by building businesses, not through fees or financial engineering. We believe in a culture of ownership, where we all share in success and take results personally.

We are transparent and open partners

We believe true partnerships are defined by shared dreams, direct and honest communication, and the open exchange of ideas. We build relationships based on trust, fairness, and mutual respect.

We retain and reward great people

We believe that exceptional individuals are the foundation of every great company. We retain and reward those who contribute to our shared success. We provide an opportunity for wealth creation through rollover ownership and equity participation.

We make decisions quickly

We do not have limited partners or other external stakeholders. This frees us from fundraising and fund life-cycle constraints. We make decisions quickly, without the bottleneck of committees or bureaucracy.